Best Options To Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Online from Canada

The majority of options for viewers in Canada are cable-based services. However, if you can watch the games via Fifa’s website, you’ll be able to watch World Cup games from anywhere.

The best part about watching through this method is that it is free of charge. All you have to do is sign up and browse across all the World Cup games for the one you want to see.

Otherwise, the official broadcaster for Canada is Bell Media. Bell Media Inc. is a Canadian media conglomerate, which is the media division that is part of BCE Inc.

Its business includes:

  • The production and broadcasting of television (including the production of the CTV and the CTV 2 TV networks).
  • Radio streaming (through iHeartRadio Canada).
  • Digital media (including Crave).
  • Internet properties (including the now-defunct Sympatico website)

Best OTT Streaming Options To Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Canada 

If popular internet chatter is to be considered, Fubo TV seems to be the best option for Canada. Available monthly ($20 CAD/month), quarterly ($40 CAD/quarter) or annual ($150 CAD/year). The service is promising and probably has a tie-up with Bell Media for the official live stream of the games. 

One has to keep the tabs open to be sure, although, as we mentioned, this information is sourced from internet chatter and is not confirmed. Nevertheless, we will keep the readers updated on the developments as soon as we get some concrete information. 


Specifically, if we talk about live streams, then TSN is one of the official agents that will be active in Canada. This is official and there are no doubts about it. Those who live in Canada know that TSN is one of the leaders in sports event live stream. So, if you have it then you are covered. 


RDS or RDS cable sports will take care of the French language live stream. They are particularly more active in the Quebec region. If French is your preferred language then going with RDS will make complete sense. 

If you are in the United States, just follow Fox Sports for the official streaming of the World Cup in the USA in 2022.

CTV Canada

CTV is another great option to catch the live stream of the game. It is the national broadcaster with a good digital services footprint. There is a 100% chance that one would be able to access the FIFA World Cup 2022 live stream through it. This is a very popular channel as it was launched in 1961. Later on, it was acquired by BCE in 2000 further expanding its reach and appeal. If you have any digital or traditional subscription to media, then CTV Canada should be a part of it. Check it out and enjoy.

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