England FIFA World Cup Matches and Schedule 2022

England has had a long and illustrious history in the World Cup. They have made it to the finals 7 times, but have only won the cup once, in 1966. This year, they are back in the running for the title, and fans are eager to see how they will fare.

The England World Cup Matches and Schedule for 2022 have not yet been released, but we can make some predictions about which teams they will play. In this blog post, we will take a look at England’s past performances in the World Cup and discuss which teams they might face in Qatar.

England’s first match will likely be against one of the weaker teams in the tournament. This will give them a chance to ease into the competition and get some early wins under their belt. From there, they will probably face tougher opponents, but if they can progress through the group stage, they will have a good chance of making it to the knockout stage.

Some of the teams that England could potentially face in the later stages of the tournament include Brazil, France, and Argentina. These are all strong teams that would provide a tough challenge for England. However, if they can make it through to the final, they will have a good chance of lifting the trophy.

England FIFA World Cup Matches schedule

England World Cup Match Schedule

England will play their opening match against Iran on 21st November 2022. Let’s check out the full schedule of England for World Cup 2022 group matches below.

Monday, November 21

England vs Iran (1 pm GMT, Khalifa International Stadium, BBC)

Friday, November 25

England vs United States (7 pm GMT, Al Bayt Stadium, ITV)

Tuesday, November 29

Wales vs England (7 pm GMT, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, BBC)

The other two Group B games will take place at the same time as England’s last match in the group, which is against Iran. The final deciding game of the pool – USA vs. Iran – will be played simultaneously with England’s last game of the pool.

Where To Watch England’s Matches Live Online In UK?

UK viewers can stream all World Cup matches through BBC and ITV. England vs Iran opening match will be shown on BBC followed by England vs USA game on ITV.

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So there you have it – everything you need to know about England’s World Cup matches and schedule for 2022. Be sure to tune in and cheer them on! Thanks for reading.

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