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WolvesBite aims to bring you news, views, features and blogs on all things Wolves.

Tim Nash has been covering Wolves for over a decade and a half, first for the Express & Star newspaper and latterly many national newspapers, and brings over 20 years’ experience in journalism to WolvesBite.

With trusted, established contacts, he will bring you informed news and opinion, as well as exclusives.

Over the years he has spoken about Molineux matters to numerous media outlets, including BBC TV, Sky Sports, talkSPORT radio and BBC Radio WM.

Tim Nash and Wolves legend Kenny Hibbitt celebrating the launch of the latter’s book.

Tim is the co-writer of Wolves legend Kenny Hibbitt’s autobiography Seasons Of My Life, which was published in 2018 and has gone to a second reprint.

He has also ghostwritten regular newspaper columns for Steve Bull, Robbie Dennison, Alex Rae and David Jones and hosted evenings with Phil Parkes and Kenny Hibbitt, among others.

A third generation Wolves supporter having watched his first game in 1977 when he cried in his dad’s arms after they scored, Tim was destined to become lifelong fan of the club. His grandmother was the housekeeper at the Molineux Hotel during the club’s halcyon era of the 1950s and his grandfather was in the record Molineux gate of 61,315 in 1939, suffering cracked ribs for his troubles!

If you have anything to ask Tim, please email him at

Alternatively, any views and opinions can be expressed on the WolvesBite forum.