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Nuno insists Wolves must ignore Kop to stop Klopp’s Liverpool

Nuno Espirito Santo insists Wolves must ignore the Kop to have a chance of beating Klopp if they are to topple runaway leaders Liverpool.

Liverpool come to Molineux on Thursday a massive 39 games unbeaten in the Premier League, with their last top flight defeat coming against champions Manchester City 2-1 on January 3 last year.

A recurring theme of head coach Nuno’s pre-match press conference was to insist all his focus was on Wolves, rather than give much appreciation to the champions-elect, who go into the game 13 points clear with two games in hand on second-placed City.

We have to play the game. When you go to the game you cannot think what will happen,” said Nuno.

So focus on your tasks – that’s the best way to approach the competition to us.

We’re going to need a good performance. When you perform well, you are closer to achieving what you want. But for now, it’s to compete and to play well.”

Asked if he was an admirer of Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson, who has recently been named England’s player of the year, Nuno simply said: “I’m a student of the game, but I focus most of my time on our team – the lines that we have to do, the pressure – all the details are on that.

My focus is on that. I’m sorry I cannot answer, but I can see his journey and he’s a fantastic player.”

When Nuno was asked what philosophies he shares with Klopp, he preferred to concentrate on stating his task at Wolves, adding: “I don’t know – we have our own ways of working. I don’t think you can compare.

Every manager has his own way and own mission. My mission is Wolves.”

The only praise Nuno offered Liverpool was this: “They’re very good and do things very well. Liverpool is a huge club and it’s a very good, fantastic team.”

Wolves fans will be raising the roof at Molineux to roar on their team. Nuno wants the players to feed off the noisy atmosphere to become the first team to beat Liverpool this season.

Our fans will be behind us, it will be a fantastic atmosphere, so we have to enjoy the game,” he said. “It’s a fantastic game for us and a fantastic to challenge ourselves and it’s a chance for Molineux to enjoy another great game.

What we’ll do is prepare ourselves well and play the game. We have to compete. That is the word – compete. When you compete, you don’t give up. Every ball is important.”

Wolves have regularly flourished against the established top six since returning to the top flight 18 months ago.

Nuno is proud of the never-say-die attitude of his squad, and feels confident they will never give up on a game.

Keeping your beliefs is basic, (giving up) is never allowed. There’s no negotiation,” he said.

I think not only against Liverpool, I think all the matches we have been able to compete in, no matter what result happened before or what performance we had during the game.

I don’t recall any game when we didn’t compete, stay in the game and give our all.

Not only this season, but the season before and in the Championship. Bad performances are totally different, but the spirit of competition within the squad is permanently there.”

The Molineux gaffer insists Wolves don’t need to be playing the top teams to show their best. “No, I don’t think so because we don’t change our approach,” he said.

The confidence is here because of the way we do things. We believe in us, and we want to play. It’s how you react to the problems they will cause you.

It comes from themselves. Routines, habits transform into character. It’s the players, it’s individual belief.”