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Wolves complain to UEFA about fans’ treatment – and Braga respond

Wolves have issued a formal complaint to UEFA over the treatment of their fans in Braga.

Many supporters have complained about the excessive force used by police and/or security as they queued to gain entry to the Estadio Municipal last week.

Around 6,000 Wolves fans travelled to Portugal for the Europa League group K game.

Fans saw fellow supporters – including a pensioner in his 70s – being hit by baton-wielding riot police, and umbrellas, flags and even tickets removed from supporters.

Prior to this, on Wednesday, there were reports of Wolves fans being attacked by hooligans attached to Belgian side Standard Liege, who were playing nearby Porto.

Wolves said in a statement: “Wolves can confirm a formal complaint has been submitted to UEFA regarding a number of safety and security concerns during the club’s Europa League game against SC Braga.

The club has received an unprecedented number of complaints from supporters who were left disappointed, distressed and in some cases injured, during ingress to the Estádio Municipal de Braga.

Wolves takes the safety of its supporters extremely seriously, and these type of incidents are not what is expected when attending events organised by UEFA or its member clubs.

We sincerely thank all supporters who have taken the time to share their experience with us to help form our report and now await a response from UEFA.”

Braga’s response to Wolves’ statement read: “In the statement released by the English club, at no point was responsibility attributed to SC Braga for the facts reported to Wolves by their supporters.

It is important to highlight the absence of occurrences within the Estadio Municipal, and that throughout the match a healthy environment prevailed, allowing fans of both teams to enjoy the game and the emotion.

SC Braga takes the safety of the fans extremely seriously. In this sense, even though it has not been notified by UEFA or (that the complaints haven’t been) directed (at Braga) by Wolves, the club will follow the reports of all parties involved with interest, seeking to confirm any excessive actions by some supporters as well as the procedures adopted by the police force and security.”