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Timewasting debate: ‘There’s nothing wrong in it’ – Dyche hits back at Wolves fans

Sean Dyche has hit back at criticism from Wolves fans accusing Burnley of timewasting, insisting their tactics are no different to other teams.
Frustrated home supporters moaned after Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Molineux that Dyche’s Clarets had used any break in play to deliberately delay restarts. Fans in particular pointed out the time it took for goalkeeper Nick Pope to take kicks and the disruptions at throw-ins.
One Wolves fan tweeted that he paid his money to watch 90 minutes, not 35 minutes, in criticism at Burnley allegedly slowing the game down.
Burnley boss Dyche feels their approach is the same as other teams. “I think it is one of them, every fan has a view of it,” he said.
“We have had the clock on keepers playing out from the back who take a long time to make a decision on who they are going to play to. We have looked at our keeper taking time to make sure he kicks the right kick if we are going longer. (The difference) is marginal.
“I wouldn’t expect fans to know that, by the way. Fans will have an opinion on these things but there was nothing in it, I didn’t think. I thought we got on with the game appropriately and accordingly and played very well.”
Dyche feels that every club in the Premier League has their own way of managing their games. “Is there not other teams who manage games in different ways?” he questioned. “Some stats on fouls and people fouling people to slow the game down – there seems to be some pretty big clubs I believe who have some interesting stats on that. I think it is fair to say it is all things that make up a football match.”