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‘Electric’ Wolves players to feel fully charged after Armenia trip

Wolves players will be ‘charged up’ from their gruelling 6,370-mile trip to Armenia before Leicester – quite literally.
The players will use electric muscle stimulation to help recover from their Europa League exertions before their Premier League opener on Sunday. Nuno Espirito Santo’s squad play FC Pyunik on Thursday in the third qualifying round first leg before returning on Friday morning to prepare for a Midlands derby on Sunday.
Wolves are leaving no stone to try protect the players from the effects of lengthy air travel and playing in such a short space of time. Head coach Nuno Espirito Santo said: “It’s sleep and electro-stimulation – active recovery. We’re going try in the flight there and the return to make this time useful, trying to rush the recovery of the player with good food etc. It’s a challenge for us and we have to embrace it by doing our best. It’s what we do.”
Using electric muscle stimulation involves attaching a series of pads to the body via electrodes to stimulate muscles. Pulses emit from a device to the muscles to mimic action from the central nervous system which makes the muscles contract.
Sports scientists say the process helps the body recover from exercise. But when Cristiano Ronaldo endorsed ‘SIXPAD’, an EMS toning belt from Japan costing £350, he was criticised, as scientists say the device does nothing.
Nuno trusts the methods of Wolves medical department. The squad will be in training on Friday to prepare for Sunday’s game. “The best preparation is to have a good meal, rest and avoid alcohol,” he said. “We’re going to work, train, and do active recovery.
“We take our own chef. We eat immediately after the game, on the bus, a packed lunch. It’s trying to take care of all our details. All the details are important. The players, the discipline they have, is fantastic. A player’s body is their tool. They know that.”
Wolves fielded their strongest side against Crusaders in the last round. But Nuno will wait to see what the Pyunik tie brings before deciding who will face Leicester. “I never know. That’s why I go game by game,” he said. “After Pyunik, I’ll think about Leicester. But let’s prepare well for Pyunik.”