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Sin Cara hoping to inspire Wolves to victory – with video

Sin Cara is hoping his presence at Molineux can inspire Wolves to victory against Fulham.

The Mexican WWE wrestler arrived – complete with mask covered with Wolves motifs – at the club’s Compton training ground yesterday to be welcomed by his friend, striker Raul Jimenez and rest of the first-team squad after training.

It’s fantastic to be here and fantastic to meet Raul again,” he said. “He’s got me to meet all of the players and it’s great to be able to talk to my friend because it’s been a while since we’ve been able to speak since he’s been over here in England.

I’m very happy to say hi to the guys and hopefully my presence motivates them and they can get a victory tomorrow.”

Sin Cara and the mask shot to prominence here when Jimenez sported one to celebrate his goal in the FA Cup semi-final against Watford last month.

Fans have quickly snapped up hundreds of masks in support of Jimenez and Sin Cara (real name Jorge Arias). Social media became awash with people asking if the wrestler was going to attend a Wolves match.

Managing director Laurie Dalrymple tweeted him to invite him to the Fulham game and the rest, as they say, is history.

I feel honoured and proud that Mexico is getting known for something positive,” reflected Sin Cara. “Sometimes unfortunately when people mention Mexico, they talk about the violence and things like that. But I’m glad that this is something positive.

The mask is traditional and something we fight for and it’s something that signifies honour and pride. We’re fighters and we never give up.

Some people think when we have a mask and put it on it’s a case of hiding but we’re not hiding anything. We’re just expressing who we are.”

Wolves were already hugely popular in Mexico due to Jimenez playing here but since the link with Sin Cara was established, that bond has grown.

And the wrestler says Wolves are becoming a household name there too.

I support Club Americas where Raul used to play. It’s my passion too. I love wrestling but I love football too. Now that I’m here in Wolverhampton, they know the team in Mexico,” he insisted.

I did some media on Tuesday and everyone was going wild about it, saying ‘did you see what happened?!’

It’s just been amazingly good. So many people want to reach out and wish me well and wish Raul well. People were saying ‘are you going to go to the game? I said ‘yes, if they invite me’.

Then all of a sudden, I’m here. It’s one of those things that you can never imagine but I’m glad it’s happened. I’m glad that wrestling and lucha libre (Mexican term for freestyle wrestling) and football can connect, but not just connect but bring together and motivate a lot of people.”

Sin Cara, who visited Darlaston Wrestling Club on Friday afternoon, is relishing appearing in public at Molineux.

I’m very honoured to be here and very happy and excited about the atmosphere,” he said. “I’ve been getting a lot of messages on my social media from people liking the fact I’m here and wanting to say ‘hi’ and meet me. I’m going to meet the fans and let them take pictures of me.

I don’t know how we’re going to do it with 31,000 people but I’m going to try to say ‘hi’ to everybody.”