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Raul’s wrestling mate agrees to come to Wolves for Fulham game

WWE wrestler Sin Cara has agreed to a request from Wolves managing director Laurie Dalrymple to come to Molineux for the final home game of the season.

The wrestling star, who is called Jorge Arias but goes by the name Sin Cara in the ring, has developed a connection with Wolves after giving striker Raul Jimenez a specially customised mask with Wolves logo on it, traditionally worn for bouts.

Jimenez briefly donned the headgear when he celebrated his goal in the FA Cup semi-final defeat to Watford at Wembley three weeks ago.

The Wolves striker was criticised by Watford captain Troy Deeney for wearing the mask, calling him a ‘loser’, but Cara sprung to his fellow Mexican’s defence.

Wolves host relegated Fulham in their final home game of the season on Saturday and Dalrymple wants to see Sin Cara at Molineux. The Molineux MD, 41, used Twitter to connect with the wrestling star after Wolves fans had tweeted Sin Cara asking him to come to Wolverhampton.

Hi Sin, or is it Mr Cara? @SinCaraWWE,” tweeted Dalrymple. “Tbh, I’m unfamiliar as to how you address WWE royalty, but regardless of that, I’m the MD of Wolves an we’d love you to join us at our final home game of the season this Saturday. Perhaps you’d be so kind as to follow me, and I’ll DM you.” Sin Cara tweeted back: “Yes, of course!”

Sin Cara replied to one fan: “I would love to be there this season if Wolves invite me.”

After Jimenez was criticised by Deeney for wearing the mask, Sin Cara tweeted a statement defending his friend, the Wolves’ £32m record signing.

The mask of the luchador (wrestler) has been and always will be part of our culture. It represents the spirit of the warrior that is in all of us, the courage to face our fears, fight for what we believe in and the strength to never give up.

The mask represents our will to win, and the fearlessness with which we overcome every obstacle. For me, the mask also represents the fortitude it takes to reach your dreams no matter how big they are.

The mask represents my culture, my people no pride and no matter where in the world I wrestle I bleed green white and red. I am humbled and honoured that Raul Jimenez wore my mask.”