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Nuno insists it’s ‘game on’ for trust over hotel wifi

Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo insists trust is the key to keeping the wi-fi on at team hotels after stories of players gaming until the early hours.

Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl says he has blocked the internet connection on overnight stays to prevent his squad from playing ‘addictive’ video games.

But head coach Nuno says he will not be taking such drastic action, instead trusting his players to turn off their devices at reasonable hour to go to sleep.

What can I do? I have three children! It’s normal! It’s something that you cannot forbid,” said the Portuguese.

All you can do is make them believe that it’s not good for them. So, it takes time.

I think a long time ago, (Leeds boss) Marco Bielsa did the same, no? I read it in a book.”

Nuno claims he has never had a problem with players becoming addicted to gaming.

I am not aware of it – because he is in his room,” he added.

Do you know the procedures of the NBA players, how they work in competition?

They just tell them ‘5 o’clock is the game, show there at 3 o’clock. And they play 100 games a season. Trust them? That’s it.”

Hasenhuttl claims gaming among players became a problem at his previous club RB Leipzig.

It’s something you get addicted to and that means we have to protect the players,” said the 51-year-old.

On Thursday, an anonymous English footballer admitted lengthy gaming sessions threatened to ruin his career.

The Sun revealed the unknown Football League player would play Fortnite, the popular video game, for up to 13 hours a day.

It’s something you have to force actively against and I will do this,” said Hasenhuttl, whose side travel to Brighton on Saturday.

I did it in my last club. We had also problems with players – they were playing until three o’clock in the morning before a game.

You have to help protect them because it’s not a small problem. If you are honest it’s the same as alcoholism or getting addicted to drugs.

To protect them means helping them not to spend so much time there. We block the wi-fi in the hotel, for example, in the evening so they can’t play any more.”